Welcome to our new Cat Kabira Virtual Yoga Studio, with both free and paid online yoga classes: for when leaving the house to go to a yoga class or healing session is no longer an option, due to social distancing.

Due to the travel ban issues in conjunction with the coronavirus, Cat Kabira will be waiting this out in Australia (soon to be in Bali). Connect with her virtually!

As we postpone / reschedule several retreats and workshops we encourage everyone to practice distant socialing. Join us here for virtual events both live and at your convenience.

Connection, Community and Personalized Support

This is energetic work – whether we are talking about yoga or healing – you will train with Cat Kabira in new ways, enabling you to sense and support yourself and eventually to support others. As a facilitator, this does require extra attention to your specific needs. For these online trainings it’s important to me to continue to offer my presence, with the same level of potency, just as I would if we were in the room together. In order to tailor to the specifically unique needs of the students with whom I’m working, in order to foster this connection, community, and support, I’m purposefully limiting the size of these intimate training groups to 4-10 students.

*Special Pricing Offer*

For Distant Energy Healing and Mentoring Sessions

Available through August 2020

Times have changed for all of us. Access to funds has shifted for many, as well. If even these special prices are not affordable, consider applying for a scholarship. Please view our scholarship form and contact us directly with your enquires.

$150/hourfirst-time student (available only for your first session)
$165/hour (single session)
$80 for 30 minutes.
$215 for 90 minutes.
$420 for 3 one hour sessions (expires in 3 months)
$1300 for 10 one hour sessions (expires in 10 months)

~ Upcoming Online Trainings

virtualyogastudio.catkabira.com - Play a 60 minute movement arts practice, June 9th 8am Perth time

Thursday, June 4th

Saturday, June 6th

Thursday, June 11th

Saturday, June 13th

Thursday, June 18th

Saturday, June 20th

Allow us to continue to support you, when leaving the house to go to a yoga class, retreat or training is currently not an option...

Virtual Yoga Studio Team

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