Energy Training Online Series: 10 Day Intensive Energy Training

This 10 day Intensive Energy Training offers you both support and understanding in navigating your own energy, that not only will empower you in healing sessions with others, but will also help you in your relationship to your whole life. 

Energy Training Online Series: Private Energy Healing Training

Cat has been conducting Private Energy Healing Trainings with her students online for years. With Cat’s Private Energy Healing Training, you will be able to work independently, at the connivence of your own schedule.

While the majority of the world has been under lockdown, staying at home, the opportunity of attending a retreat training in person is no longer an option. Yet you will soon begin to notice, as we begin to live life with limited physical contact, we subsequently naturally begin to cultivate some of our other senses, especially that of perceiving energy.

This is a perfect time to cultivate the power we innately have, the power of sensitivity that enables us to connect with one another and the healing power of The Field, even when working with those across the world.

Play: a 60 Minute Multi-Movement Practice

Join Cat in this weekly virtual class, Play: a 60 Minute Multi-Movement Practice, with a side of subtle energy-body flow. Joy and pleasure are inherent for our wellness and expansion. We’ll take a blend of various asana, dance, gyrokinesis, qi gong, pilates, animal movements, and some surprises, for you to have fun with. You will be able to join in live via Zoom or receive the recording afterward to experience Play at your convenience. Discover new ways to joyfully connect with your body. Our movement has no limits.

Yogic Vision Quests

Join Cat Kabira (Virtually) in her signature “Yogic Vision Quest.” Drop down into the deeper currents in your system and connect to a deeper level of relaxation. Discover the power of your imagination as you access a hypnotic state of dreamtime and deeper layers of your subconscious. This is your time to connect to your inner magic and creative self. This vision quest is a blend of a yoga nidra and shamanic journey. Come prepared to experience something out of the ordinary!