Energy Training Online Series: Level One Six Days of Energy Healing

In this 6 Day Intensive Energy Healing Training, you will be working with Your Own Energy as well as Learning the Foundations of Facilitating Remote / Distance Healing. In these transformational six days, Cat offers you space and various practices to meet yourself on a Subtle Energetic Level, with an introduction to practicing Remote or Distance Healing.

Energy Training Online Series: Level One Self-Healing

Working with Your Own Energy – learn the essentials in thriving energetically with these recent hectic changing times.
There’s a reason why we’re being forced to slow-down. It is so that we can connect back into what’s important. Our survival mechanisms have been ignited and being able to move from surviving into thriving in this time is also essential.
This training includes a self-healing practice that people can do for themselves.

Energy Training Online Series: 3 Week Journey Through the Chakras

Journey Through the Chakras: Your Space to Wake and Come Back to You, a 3 Week Self-Healing Energy Training. Six 2-hour live Zoom meetings, twice a week. Prepare for this process to move through you, not just in our sessions themselves, but for some magic to happen in the spaces in-between!