10 Day Intensive Energy Training: Working with Your Own Energy and Learning to Facilitate Distance Healing

This 10 day Intensive Energy Training offers you both support and understanding in navigating your own energy, that not only will empower you in healing sessions with others, but will also help you in your relationship to your whole life. 

Investment: $899 regular

The group size is limited between 4-6 students maximum to ensure the quality and connection within this course.

Each day of this 10 day intensive training will include:

  • Group Practices
  • Lectures and Discussions
  • Practices to do with yourself and one another
  • Homework to be done with partners
  • Individual Mentoring and Healing Sessions with Cat</li>

To do any energy healing with others, there’s a constant refinement and understanding of your relationship with your own energetic system. 

Your Daily Commitment:

Due to the energetic potency of this training, you will be expected to commit 4 hours each day. This will depend upon occasional additional practices, as well as allowing sufficient time for your own personal integration and digestion.

10 Day Intensive Energy Training Overview:

Day One: Approximately 2 -2.5 hours
Course Introduction: Setting Intentions for this course and Group Practice.

  • How distance healing works with an explanation of the energy Field.
  • Getting grounded and Connected to ourselves.
  • How to meet ourselves when we feel unstable.
  • Why does our own presence matters?

Day Two: Approximately 2 hours.
Beginning to Sense Another: Partner Practice (1 hour), Group Check-In and Final Practice.

  • The many ways that we sense.
  • Staying in beginner’s mind.
  • Welcoming a new part of ourselves.
  • Insecurity that rises.
  • How to meet what blocks us.
  • Discovering Boundaries.

Day Three: Approximately 90 mins.
What “healing” actually is: Group Practice, Lecture and Check-In, Partner Practice (1 hour) and Final Check-In.

  • The importance of being the witness.
  • Working with the intuitive hits that you get.
  • Watching your own agenda and desire to see/know/have something “work.”
  • Growing our awareness of and understanding where our own need for success / helping others can get in the way.

Day Four: Approximately 1 hour.
Your Personalized Private Healing and Mentoring Session.

Day Five: Approximately 2 hours.
Distance Healing: Group Practice, Lecture, Partner Practice (90 mins), Group Check-In, and New Practice.

  • How to facilitate Distance Healing, when not on the live call (meaning once both parties have ended the call).
  • What to do with the information that you’ve received.

Day Six: Approximately 2 hours.
Strengthening the Field: Group Practice, Lecture, Partner Practice (90 mins), and Final Check-In (1 hour)

  • What creates holes in the Field.
  • Self-practice and how to sense another.
  • Working with holes in the Field and whatever else we might sense within the Field.

Day Seven: Approximately 1 hour.
Working Out the Important Language: Group Practice, Check-Inn, and Partner Homework.

  • What to actually do with all of this information we’re receiving?
  • How to make sure we’re on track.
  • What to do if nothing happens?
  • When to just listen/witness – is there ever a time to get involved?

Day Eight: Approximately 1 hour.
Your Personalized Private Healing and Mentoring Session.

Day Nine: Approximately 90 min.
Healing Energy working with Groups: Check-Inn, Break, and Hour 1/2 Practice.

  • However this is an online course, this is for those of you who will eventually work in person with live groups. You will learn to expand your energy sensing, beyond working with just one individual and enable you to hold space working with larger groups.  

Day Ten: Approximately 2 hours.
Integration and Final Practice.

Why are additional individual Private Mentoring and distant Healing Sessions essential for this course?

As I’ve taught this work privately and with groups both in-person and online, I’ve realized everyone has a different relationship to their energetic system and understanding. We all are unique in how we sense and we all come to the training with a different history, as well as level of awareness and consciousness.

I’ve realized it’s essential to offer individual support so that you can be clear on how you work with energy.

While this ensures quality and safety when you’re working with your partners, it’s also a way for me to know how you’re doing. Even though the premise is that you’re learning how to work with energy with others, there’s a continual refinement of understanding yourself, where you may lose your ground, where you may have your “holes” in your Field and how your own insecurities may influence you.

It’s actually a beautiful commitment to your own process as a human, when you decide to dive deeper into the energy world with others, as it requires a more committed awareness.

    Ready for the next level? Why not try our Level Two Training: Distance Healing.

    *If you cannot commit to this 10 Day Intensive Energy Training timings Private Energy Healing Training Sessions are also available scheduled at your convenience.

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