Journey Through the Chakras: Your Space to Wake and Come Back to You,
a 3 Week Self-Healing Energy Training.

Investment:  $360 USD

* Available Add-On: 30 and 60 minute private healing sessions available at special discounted rates

  • $70 for 30 minutes
  • $135 for 60 minutes


A total of six 2-hour live Zoom meetings, twice a week, over a period of 3 weeks.

All Journey Through the Chakras sessions, including self-healing energy practices and discussions, will be recorded and archived for later viewing.

The group size is limited to 8 participants maximum, to ensure the quality and connection within this course, as well as your individualized support.

Each Journey Through the Chakras session during this three week intensive training will include:

  • Group check-in
  • Group meditation and energy work
  • Lecture, Discussion and Q & A; providing context as to how and why, what we’re doing is so essential.
  • Homework for you to do in-between sessions.
  • Extra “cooking” for yourself in the days in-between.
  • Individual Mentoring and Healing Sessions with Cat

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver

This great pause is our time and space to dive in, to meet and reflect on ourselves on a more subtle level.

There is a richness in our own ability to rest with ourselves and become more present. We have a chance to rebuild, dream, and move forward in a way truly aligned with our own soul path and delight. This is your time to find out: what’s true for you?

In this 3-week Journey Through the Chakras series we will journey through the landscape of our body, to discover our relationship with our own energetic system. We will meet where there may be some blocks or clearing needed. And discover how we can truly trust ourselves so that we can expand with ease. 

The intimate group size – only 8 students maximum  – throughout your time in Journey Through the Chakras, will ensure you:

  • that you receive personalized support 
  • that the curriculum meets your individual needs 
  • that there’s connection within the group 
  • that you can use this space to meet yourself in a grounded, healing, and multi-dimensional way

What if your pleasure leads your way? What if  you allow your own pulse of light to guide you?

How this material unfolds will reveal itself as we meet for each session.

Each Journey Through the Chakras lesson works through the chakras in a very specific and nuanced way. You will be able to connect more to your own truth within your body, as well as gain the tools to help you support yourself. Prepare for this process to move through you, not just in our sessions themselves, but for some magic to happen in the spaces in-between!

Lesson 1. Ground, practices to stay in the body preparing for self-healing

  • How to work with our own fear.
  • The power of pleasure.
  • How our unprocessed trauma influences our perception and energy field.
  • Understanding our own energy field and how to work with it.
  • Getting real with grounding and why it’s so magical
  • What does support mean anyway?
  • Your ancestors.

Lesson 2. Boundaries – internal and external

  • How to sense them – on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and astral plane.
  • Getting real with our own boundaries and up-leveling the empath.
  • What protection is and safety.
  • Inner listening.
  • Strengthening health and immunity for self-healing.
  • Messages from the Cervix and Womb.

Lesson 3. Your Gut, Your Truth, Where Personal Meets Divine

  • Understanding your solar plexus, your sacred radar.
  • From where our power comes.
  • Understanding and honing our relationship to power
  • Coming into alignment within ourselves, spirit and the planet.
  • Working with your Cords.
  • The power of anger and why feeling our feelings is essential.
  • Personal Practice – working with our cords and energy field.  

Lesson 4. Grief and Death: personal and within the collective

  • Heart medicine.
  • How to stay connected to our truth and feelings in order to meet what’s underneath.
  • Group Practice: Journey Through Your Heart (during class)

 Lesson 5. Throat Love

  • Meeting our own blocks in our throat and ears.
  • Finding our voice.
  • Finding the new sense of soul purpose in our personal power.

Lesson 6. We are Dreaming Together

  •   Making space for our multi-dimensional and telepathic nature.
  •   Your astral self
  •   Discovering the power of our own dream time.
  • Final Self-Healing Integration: Dreaming Our Future Selves

What is covered in the Private Session?

* Available Add-On: 30 and 60 minute private healing sessions available at special discounted rates

  • $70 for 30 minutes
  • $135 for 60 minutes

Working individually with Cat to support you in your learning journey, will ensure that you are on the right track. This will further enable her to remain very present with your specific energy and individual needs. 

Scheduling will be at different times throughout the week, to fit your particular time zone and availability.

Why are individual Private Mentoring and distant Healing Sessions essential for this course?

As I’ve taught this work privately and with groups both in-person and online, I’ve realized everyone has a different relationship to their energetic system and understanding. We all are unique in how we sense and we all come to the training with a different history, as well as level of awareness and consciousness.

I’ve realized it’s essential to offer individual support so that you can be clear on how you work with energy.

While this ensures quality and safety when you’re working with your partners, it’s also a way for me to know how you’re doing. Even though the premise is that you’re learning how to work with energy with others, there’s a continual refinement of understanding yourself, where you may lose your ground, where you may have your “holes” in your Field and how your own insecurities may influence you.

It’s actually a beautiful commitment to your own process as a human, when you decide to dive deeper into the energy world with others, as it requires a more committed awareness.


Interested in Participating in Journey Through the Chakras in the future?

Please contact us directly to be put on an interest list for potential future trainings.



If you cannot commit to this Journey Through the Chakras training timings Private Energy Healing Training Sessions are also available scheduled at your convenience.


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