Level One Training: Self-Healing in 7 weeks

Investment: $40 a week or $210 for the entire series
* Add on $60 for 30 min distance healing

Working with Your Own Energy for Self-Healing – learn the essentials in thriving energetically with these recent hectic changing times.

There’s a reason why we’re being forced to slow-down. It is so that we can connect back into what’s important. Our survival mechanisms have been ignited and being able to move from surviving into thriving in this time is also essential.

This training includes a self-healing practice that people can do for themselves.

Understanding and respecting your own individualized energetic system and being able to listen to, respond to and support yourself is essential. These days we are bombarded with so much externalized information and it’s important that we turn inwards to get a feel for what our own truth is. Now more than ever, we need to have self-trust and be open for the new ways that want to come through us.

There is a richness in our own ability to rest with ourselves and become more present.

Being able to sift through old traumas that are influencing us and trust our perception of reality.  There’s a balanced tension that’s providing necessary friction for us to birth ourselves.

Each lesson works through the chakras in a very specific and nuanced way and you’ll be able to connect more to your own truth in your body as well as have tools to help you support yourself more.

Each Weekly Lesson Includes:

  • One live discussion (90 mins) Zoom
  • One-pre-recorded practice (20-30 mins)
  • Facebook group for everyone to connect
    (People who miss the live Zoom Meeting can view it in the FB group at their convenience). Everyone in the FB group will be able book a 30 min healing with me for an additional discounted $60.

Lesson 1. Ground, practices to stay in the body preparing for self-healing.

  • How to work with our own fear.
  • The power of beauty.
  • How our unprocessed trauma influences our perception and energy field.
  • Understanding our own energy field and how to work with it.

Lesson 2. Boundaries – internal and external.

  • How to sense them.
  • What protection is and safety.
  • How to stay expanded in these changing times – and how to respect our own contractions.
  • Inner listening.
  • Strengthening health and immunity for self-healing.

Lesson 3. Messages from the womb/sacrum/prostate/creativity/

  • Understanding our relationship with our work and creativity, especially as we are now in changing times.
  • How to meet these changing unknown edges and feel aliveness in it.

Lesson 4. Working with anger and fire in a way that’s empowering and non-harming to self and others.

  • Rewiring practices that may be harming to self and others.
  • Understanding and honing our relationship to power and right alignment with ourselves, spirit, the planet.

Lesson 5. Grief and Death: personal and within the collective.

  • Heart medicine.
  • How to stay connected to our truth and feelings and meet what’s underneath.
  • The power of self-healing as we stay real.

Lesson 6. Throat Love.

  • Personal and collective realignment.
  • Finding the new sense of soul purpose in our personal power.
  • Meeting the blocks in our throat (Viśuddha chakra)

Lesson 7. We are Dreaming Together.

  • Making space for our multi-dimensional and telepathic nature.
  • Discovering the power of our own dream time.
  • Final Self-Healing Integration.

Interested in Participating? Contact us below:

    Ready for the next level? Why not try our Level Two Training: Distance Healing.

    *If you cannot commit to this Level One Self-Healing Energy Training timings Private Energy Healing Training Sessions are also available scheduled at your convenience.

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