In this 6 Day Intensive Energy Healing Training, you will be working with Your Own Energy as well as Learning the Foundations of Facilitating Remote / Distance Healing.

In these transformational six days, Cat offers you space and various practices to meet yourself on a Subtle Energetic Level, with an introduction to practicing Remote or Distance Healing.

As this course will be specifically designed for those who are called to join, not necessarily all of these topics will be included. How this material unfolds will be very fresh and present, according to the individual needs of the group.

Investment: $690 regular price

Training Group Size: 4-6 students maximum (to ensure the quality and connection within this course)

Join this intimate and select group of students (4-6 maximum), make this time for yourself to connect to the subtle and multi-dimensional realms.

Weaving in the most important aspects of both Level One Self Healing and Level Two Distant Healing trainings, this is your opportunity for an up-leveling in your own personal healing work as well as in working with others.

Working with Your Own Energy for Self-Healing – learn the essentials in thriving energetically with these recent hectic changing times.

There’s a reason why we’re being forced to slow-down. It is so that we can connect back into what’s important. Our survival mechanisms have been ignited. Being able to move from surviving into thriving in this time is essential!

While what’s not essential is falling away, this is the time of beautiful contractions. Mirrors are presenting themselves to meet what may at first seem like pain. Simultaneously these mirrors, if seen through clarity, reveal a potential power behind them.

These days as we are bombarded with so much external information, it’s important that we turn inwards to get a better feel for what our own truth is. Now more than ever, we need to be open for the new ways that want to come through us as well as cultivate our self-trust to listen.

This is the ideal time for you to listen to, respect and support your own unique individualized energetic system.

There is a richness in our own ability to rest with ourselves and become more present.

Being able to sift through old traumas that have been influencing us and trust our perception of reality is an essential life skill.  There’s a balanced tension that’s providing necessary friction for us to re-birth ourselves.

There’s a lot of energy moving at this time. This is the perfect moment to find new ways to understand our own energy body.

In this Six Day Energy Healing Training, we will support one another and ourselves as we may begin to receive some new “uploads”. We will discover our own language for what we are feeling, creating a new container for ourselves.

During this Energy Healing Training, these six days are your energetic deep-dive: 4 hours a day, split into 2 separate sessions each day.

Additionally you will have one private session with me at some point during the week.

Towards the end we will start to play with distance healing and how we can work with one another remotely. No experience necessary.

In the times of social distancing – this is a remarkable time to learn how connected we truly are all around the world.

How this work unfolds will be specific to each group, so content may vary, heavily emphasized more than others depending on the group’s needs.

All sessions will be recorded for later viewing as well.

Day 1: Introduction to Energy Healing, Grounding, practices to stay in the body preparing for self-healing.

  • How to work with our own fear.
  • How our unprocessed trauma influences our perception and energy field.
  • Beginning to understand your own energy field and how to work with it.

Day 2. Boundaries – internal and external.

  • How to sense them.
  • What protection is and safety.
  • How to stay expanded in these changing times – and how to respect our own contractions.
  • Inner listening.
  • Sensing Holes in Your Field

Day 3. Messages from the womb/sacrum/prostate/creativity.

  • Understanding our relationship with our work and creativity, especially as we are now in changing times.
  • How to meet these changing unknown edges and feel aliveness in it.

Day 4. Your gut, your truth. Integrity. Digestion. Your relationship to Power and Your Fire

  • Finding the new sense of soul purpose in our personal power.

Day 5. Introduction to Remote Healing

  • Trust in a more intuitive, telepathic, and multi-dimensional way.
  • Connect to your personal relationship of working with subtle energy and the potent “invisible” realms.
  • Discover your individual skill set of working with energy fields.

Day 6. Remote / Distance Healing and final practice aligning the heart, throat, and inner vision

We are Dreaming Together.

Each Daily Lesson Includes:

  • 4 hours/day Zoom Group Lectures and Discussions
  • homework and practices with one another and yourself
  • 1 individual private session with Cat

To do any energy healing with others, there’s a constant refinement and understanding of your relationship with your own energetic system. 

Your Daily Commitment:

Due to the energetic potency of this training, you will be expected to commit approximately 4 hours each day. This will depend upon occasional additional practices, as well as allowing sufficient time for your own personal integration and digestion.

What is covered in the Private Session?

Working individually with Cat to support you in your learning journey, will ensure that you are on the right track. This will further enable her to remain very present with your specific energy and individual needs. 

Scheduling will be at different times throughout the week, to fit your particular time zone and availability.

Why are individual Private Mentoring and distant Healing Sessions essential for this course?

As I’ve taught this work privately and with groups both in-person and online, I’ve realized everyone has a different relationship to their energetic system and understanding. We all are unique in how we sense and we all come to the training with a different history, as well as level of awareness and consciousness.

I’ve realized it’s essential to offer individual support so that you can be clear on how you work with energy.

While this ensures quality and safety when you’re working with your partners, it’s also a way for me to know how you’re doing. Even though the premise is that you’re learning how to work with energy with others, there’s a continual refinement of understanding yourself, where you may lose your ground, where you may have your “holes” in your Field and how your own insecurities may influence you.

It’s actually a beautiful commitment to your own process as a human, when you decide to dive deeper into the energy world with others, as it requires a more committed awareness.

Interested in Participating? Contact us below:

    Don’t feel ready for this particular Energy Healing Training? Why not try our Level One Training: Self Healing.

    Ready for the next level? Why not try our Level Two Training: Distance Healing.

    If you cannot commit to this Social Distancing Healing training timings Private Energy Healing Training Sessions are also available scheduled at your convenience.


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