Cat has been conducting Private Energy Healing Trainings with her students online for years.

With Cat’s Private Energy Healing Training, you will be able to work independently, at the connivence of your own schedule.

Learn How To Work With:

  • your own energy
  • the energy of others
  • those present in the room
  • those far away (distance healing)

While the majority of the world has been under lockdown, staying at home, the opportunity of attending a retreat training in person is no longer an option. Yet you will soon begin to notice, as we begin to live life with limited physical contact, we subsequently naturally begin to cultivate some of our other senses, especially that of perceiving energy.

Now more than ever, this is a perfect time to cultivate the power we innately have. You will discover the power of sensitivity that enables us to connect with one another. Cat will lead you into the healing power of The Field, even when working with those across the world.

What’s So Great About Private Training, as a way to learn Distant Energy Healing?

  • We can work with your schedule and find the times that work best for the rest of your weekly flow.
  • You have direct personalized support so you will learn and absorb much more quickly.

Any training we do, learning to work with others’ energy, will directly teach us about our own energy. By having much more direct personal support, we can quickly discern what our own blocks are and the essential practices to help us drop into this work.  Learning one-on-one will deeply gift you, launching you into a personal and professional level for years to come. 

Throughout the training you will also receive: personalized homework, with meditation and breathing practices designed specifically for you, as well as your own energy management.

To truly deepen your experience, consistency is key. 

We do recommend a minimum of one long session per week or even two sessions per week, with a maximum of three sessions per week. 

In order for you to digest and integrate these practices, we would like you to design your training your own pace. You will be guided to discover a pace that supports your integration and understanding on multidimensional layers.

Contact us directly about the pricing and schedule that works best for you.

    Don’t feel ready for a Private Energy Healing Training? Why not try our Level One Training: Self Healing.

    Ready for the next level? Why not try our Level Two Training: Distance Healing.


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